12 Ideal Pirates in cream
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This is a lot of 12 new recast Ideal pirates.  These are from the original Ideal molds, and were used in pirate ship playsets many years ago (I've seen them with ships advertised as being from the 1950's).  They are 2.25" tall (54mm scale).  They come in a cream/off-white color and in 6 poses as shown in the photo.  The pirates are armed with cutlasses and flintlock pistols.  They do not have bases, but are self-standing (see photo).  There are detents cast in the underside of each foot, probably to serve as a mounting spot on the original ships.   These are new recasts out of the original Ideal molds, and have excellent detail.  The pirates are bagged semi-randomly, and I can not always guarrantee  each pose has the same number in each lot, but I try to include 2 of each pose in each lot.

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12 Ideal Pirates in cream

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