12 Russian Naval Infantry plastic soldiers
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Here is a lot of 12 new in the box Russian WWII Naval Infantry plastic soldiers in dark blue color.  These are the classic 54mm tall (1/32 scale).  They are in 12 poses as shown in the picture .  They are armed with M91-30 rifles, one captured MP40 submachine gun, PPSh-41 submachine guns with drum magazines, Tokarev SVT-40 rifles, and Degtyarev machine guns.  These soldiers have truly excellent detail - some of the best you'll find in plastic.  The pictures don't do these credit.  The soldiers come with separate arms that will require glue for you to fix them into place.  Because of this you get better detail and poses you couldn't get with one-piece castings.  They are cast similar to Conte soldier sets, with fine detail that goes down to the rifle slings and web gear.  Those of you who like to paint detailed figures should love these.  This set is made by Pegasus Hobbies.

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12 Russian Naval Infantry plastic soldiers

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