16 U.S. WWI Marines at Belleau Wood AIP plastic soldiers
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This is a new in the box set of sixteen (16) 54mm (1/32 scale) Armies In Plastic WWI U.S. Marines at Belleau Wood.  These are in olive green, and come in 8 different poses as shown in the picture (boxes are printed as 20, but there are 16 soldiers total in the set).  These have outstanding detail, and are made in soft plastic.  The soldiers are armed with 1903 Springfield rifles with bayonets attached, Chauchat and Lewis light machine guns, M97 Winchester Trench shotguns, and the officer carries a 1911 Colt automatic pistol.  They are outfitted with ammo belts, cantines, etc.  These are ideal for WWI trench warfare, but could also be used for early WWII battles, as the Springfield rifles saw a lot of use early in WWII, and the M97 Trench shotgun and 1911 Colt were issued all the way through Vietnam.  These come in great attack poses, ready to go over the top.  This is a new release from Armies in Plastic, using new poses and new plastic (the original set 5405 was a rubber-like material).

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16 U.S. WWI Marines at Belleau Wood AIP plastic soldiers

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