18 Parthian Heavy Cavalry plastic soldiers 8145
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Here is a lot of 18 new 1/72 scale (25mm) Parthian Heavy Cavalry plastic soldiers.  The soldiers are approximately 1" tall.  They are in 6 poses as shown (5 cavalry poses and 1 foot soldier pose) in the picture, and made in tan soft plastic. The 15 cavalry are armed with long spears, and the 3 foot soldiers are armed with spears and shields  The spears are separate and could use glue.  This is a brand new boxed set #8145 made by HaT, and are still attached to their sprues as shown.  The photo shows one sprue with 6 men, and 5 horses.  Each set contains 3 of these sprues.

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18 Parthian Heavy Cavalry plastic soldiers 8145

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