2 German MP-40 machine guns plastic soldiers army men
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Here is a lot of 2 new German MP-40 submachine guns in grey color.  These are 54mm scale (1/32 scale), and are approximately 1" long.  The photo shows 1 gun - you get 2 guns for each lot purchased, packaged in a tiny polybag.  There may be some guns that arrive bent.  This is normal, and they come from the manufacturer like this at times, and is due to packaging / storage & shipping.  These can be easily straightened by dipping the bent section in hot water (not boiling, but hot), straightening the piece as needed, then dipping it immediately in ice water.  It will then hold it's shape.  Using this same method, these guns can also be customized if you wish (for destroyed battlefield debris, etc.).  These work great to add to vehicles, accessorize a camp or bunker, or use as grave markers.

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2 German MP-40 machine guns plastic soldiers army men

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