2 WWII German Cavalry w/ horses plastic soldiers army
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Here is a lot of 2 new German WWII Cavalry plastic soldiers in grey color.  These are the classic 54mm tall (1/32 scale).  They are in the two poses as shown in the first picture.  The soldier on the left carries a 98K rifle, and the soldier on the right is carrying an MP40 submachinegun and pointing a Luger pistol.  Both soldiers and horses have all the correct gear - ammo pouches, straps, blanket rolls, cleaning kits, etc.  The horses come in 4 different poses, and 4 different colors.  The second photo shows the 4 pose variations as well as the 4 colors - grey, rust brown, black, and tan.  The 2 horses you receive will be random in pose and color.  In any one lot I try to make sure that the two horses are different colors and different poses.  The plastic on these is malleable, and gun tips, etc. may be bent or curled some due to storage or shipping.  This can be corrected easily by dipping the curled section in hot (but not quite boiling) water, straightening the piece, and then dipping immediately in ice water.  The plastic will then be reset.  This also works great in customizing these figures - You bend and reset their limbs to modify the pose if you wish.  These are made by TSSD.

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2 WWII German Cavalry w/ horses plastic soldiers army

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