20 German Pickelhaub AIP plastic soldiers (GREEN)
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This is a new in the box set of twenty (20) 54mm (1/32 scale) Armies In Plastic WWI Germans in pickelhaube (spiked) helmets.  These are in green color, and come in 10 different poses as shown in the picture (there are 20 soldiers total in the set).  These have outstanding detail, and are made in a very durable soft plastic.  These are ideal for trench warefare, but would work well for any battle.  The soldiers are armed with M98 GEW rifles with bayonets attached, potato masher grenades, scoped sniper rifles, and the officer carries a luger with shoulder stock and snail drum magazine.  They are outfitted with backpacks, cantines, etc.  These come in great attack poses, ready to go over the top.

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20 German Pickelhaub AIP plastic soldiers (GREEN)

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