3 Marx Running Cavalry Horses
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This is a set of three (3) brand new Marx running cavalry horses, each approx. 4" long x 2.5" high (54mm scale).  They come in various colors - black, brown, tan, silver, copper, cream and grey (and possibly others), and are cast in one pose.  They are semi-randomly bagged, and I try to get three different colors in each set (if I can), but it can not be guarranteed due to supply.  At least 2 colors will be present in every set.  All of the horses have saddles, stirrup protectors and bridles cast in.  These are great to use for any battle.  I also have these for sale individually with Marx cavalry riders.  They are shown in the photo with a 54mm Airfix soldier for scale purposes - the soldier is not included.

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3 Marx Running Cavalry Horses

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