4 Oil Drums made of wood
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This item is 4 wooden oil drums (1 package) that can be used with your plastic soldiers, army men, tanks, etc.  No good camp is complete without a few of these to keep the tanks and jeeps in fuel.  These can be stained or painted to suit your needs - black, grey, olive drab, or can be left natural color.  They are turned from Birch, Beech, or Maple hardwood.  Four drums are shown in the picture with a couple of the japanese soldiers I also sell for size comparison.  The soldiers are not included.  The drums are 1.125" diameter x 1.625" high.  The tops are recessed as shown, the bottoms are flat.  These are perfect to use as cover or provide a real feel to your camp.  Four drums included in each package.

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4 Oil Drums made of wood

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