Bombed Out Farm House for plastic soldiers army men
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This is a brand new BMC bombed out farmhouse made of brown and grey plastic.  It has great detail, and is perfect for use with any 54mm (1/32 scale) army.  It consists of 4 brown walls, a grey second story floor, and a grey roof.  It ships unassembled, and is a very simple snap together assembly.  The roof section will easily lift off once assembled to allow you easy access inside the second floor.  The house has 17 windows, giving lots of shooting spots for your soldiers.  The second story floor does not cover the entire floor (it is bombed out - see photo #2), but will allow snipers to set up in 3 of the upper floor windows.  This house is ideal for either a coastal or town setting.  The roof has 2 tiny retaining pins that hold the roof up.  Sometimes one of the pins is sheared off during shipping, but my experience is that only 1 pin is required to hold the roof in place.  The houses come from the manufacturer this way, and I have never had a customer tell me about the roof not holding up.  All houses ship with a least 1 of these pins intact.

PLEASE NOTE - The color of the sides of the building has changed from the orange-brown in the first two photos to a lighter tan as shown in the last photo.  All buildings will be shipped with tan sidewalls.

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Bombed Out Farm House for plastic soldiers army men

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