German Coastal Bunker plastic soldiers army men Normandy D-Day
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This is a Little Green Men exclusive, and has not been available for almost 10 years.  A new production run has just been finished for this German Coastal Bunker.  This bunker is perfect to fight off any beach landing assault, and is a must for those re-enacting D-Day with their armies.  It is BIG, at 9.5" wide, 5.75" deep, and 9" tall.  It is also HEAVY, and made of 3/4" particle board with a very durable grey paint.  Each one weighs in at over 4 pounds!  This bunker will put up with a lot of play.  Being made from a wood product, expect some variation in finish here and there, along with a small cosmetic blemish here or there.  Nothing that wouldn't pass as the finish of a cast concrete bunker.

The bunker has an open back to allow fighting on the main floor, and also has storage space below (picture a table and chairs for waiting soldiers, etc.).  It is shown in the photos with 54mm scale soldiers (BMC USGI and AIP Germans), along with a CTS 88 cannon - these are not included and are for scale purposes only.  These can only be produced in warm weather, so if you are thinking of this as a gift for the holidays, act soon; once these are sold out there might not be more until late Spring.

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German Coastal Bunker plastic soldiers army men Normandy D-Day

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