LGM Mountain Firing Position / Volcano
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This is a newly made mountain firing position / volcano.  It is vacuum formed by Little Green Men from 0.030" thick white plastic, and is formed all in one piece.  There is trim stock left around the bottom as shown.  It can be trimmed closer if desired using an exacto knife or small scissors.  The amount of trimstock left may vary slightly from piece to piece (it is trimmed by hand).  The plastic can easily be painted.  It is a lightweight, yet durable piece.  It is shown with 54mm Marx WWII Germans 54mm, Tim Mee GI's and a 54mm Airfix Panzer for scale purposes - they are not included with the piece.  The piece is 13.5" long by 8.75" wide by about 6.5" tall.  The last two pictures are of a quickly painted piece to show detail a little better - the piece you receive will be white.  The paint job was done in 15 seconds using automotive primers.  This is a Little Green Men exclusive toy - you won't find it any where else!

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LGM Mountain Firing Position / Volcano

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