M16 Halftrack NEW RAY KIT WWII
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This is a brand new M16 Halftrack, 1/32 scale and made of olive green plastic (body is approx. 7" long x 2.5" wide).  This ships as a semi-assembled boxed kit made by New Ray.  It requires some simple screw-together assembly, and the screws and screwdriver are included in the box.  It has rolling rubber treads and front tires, and a rotating quad .50 cal BMG mount.  This is cast in the same molds that were used to make the old battery-operated New Ray halftracks that were discontinued years ago (no motor is included).  All decals are already applied.  The instructions don't require glue, but you may want to use some here and there depending on the amount of handling you plan to give it.   The photo is a manufacturer stock photo of an assembled tank.  Assembly consists of driving about 10 screws or so.  It is not recommended for children under 3 due to having small parts, and children under 8 or 9 will have trouble with assembly and will need help.

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M16 Halftrack NEW RAY KIT WWII

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