MPC 50 Cal. BMG recast 54mm
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This is a brand new MPC recast U.S. .50 caliber Browning machine gun in 54mm / 1/32 scale made of soft olive drab green plastic.  It comes in three pieces - gun, tripod, and ammo strip (that feeds into a slot on the gun), and is sealed in a polybag.  It's shown in the picture with a 54mm Airfix German Paratrooper soldier for scale purposes (soldier not included).  The gun easily rotates on the tripod mount.  This is the perfect heavy machine gun for you emplacements, and can also be used separate from the tripod for vehicle mounting.  The shade of green color may vary from the photo - multiple item purchases will be color matched as much as possible.

  • Item #: 07-114OD

MPC 50 Cal. BMG recast 54mm

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