MPC Armored Personnel Carrier
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This is a brand new MPC recast Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) made of grey and black plastic.  It is 7.5" long x 3.75" wide x 3.25" tall.  It has great detail, and is perfect for use with any 54mm (1/32 scale) army.  It is shipped unassembled, consisting of a grey vehicle body, two black tracks and two wheel sets, a grey lift gate, and a grey machine gun (7 pieces total).  It snaps together, and will take a little patience getting the tracks installed (a stiff assembly).  The lift gate on the rear of the vehicle can be raised and lowered, and the gun swivels in its mount.  The tracks have internal wheels with axles that will roll.  The shade of grey of the APC's will vary.  The picture shows the darkest shade, and most will be lighter than shown.   If your purchase depends on the color shade and it is really important to you, please check with me to make sure I can provide what you want before you purchase (i.e. I may not have the darker color variant in stock - I seem to always get more of the lighter in stock).  There are two pins molded onto the top inside of the liftgate that are meant to help hold the gate in the closed position.  There will be gates that only have one of these pins, but it does not affect the use of the gate.  This APC is shown in the picture with a 54mm soldier for size comparison and scale.  The soldier is not included.

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MPC Armored Personnel Carrier

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