MPC Stone Bunker Fortress
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This is a brand new MPC recast Stone bunker / fortress made of hard plastic.  It has great detail, and is perfect for use with any 54mm (1/32 scale) army.  It is approx. 13.5" long x 4.25" high x 5.75" deep.  It is cast in dark grey plastic, and is ready for you to paint if you'd like.  These are cast in 2 pieces, but I have already glued it together for you so there is no mess or extra work and material when you receive it.  The bunker has 3 roof top emplacements for placing men for defense, as well as 3 open windows to shoot from.  It is shown in the photo with some 54mm Airfix Afrika korps soldiers for scale purposes - they are not included with the bunker.  There are 4 small connecting tabs on the sides of the bunker at the bottom that were originally intended to hook up with other MPC accessories.  Occasionally one or two  of these tabs might be missing.  You may want to remove the tabs, unless you plan to use this with other original MPC pieces.

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MPC Stone Bunker Fortress

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