Marx 155mm U.S. Howitzer cannon recast in GREEN
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This is a brand new recast Marx WWII 155mm Howitzer cannon, made of hard green plastic.  It has great detail (see photo), and has rolling wheels.  It comes unassembled in 5 pieces - two sides of the cannon, two wheels, and the rear tow bar.  The two cannon sides can be glued together, but they can also hold together using a press fit (I recommend using glue).  The wheels slide on the axle stubs.  The stubs will need to be mushroomed in order to hold the wheels in place.  The easiest way to do this is with a hot iron - not to be done by a child.  The howitzer is brand new and sealed in a polybag.  The shade of green may vary slightly.  The cannon is shown in the picture with a 54mm Airfix German paratrooper for size comparison and scale.  The soldier is not included.

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Marx 155mm U.S. Howitzer cannon recast in GREEN

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