WWI Starter Set plastic toy soldier playset 116 pcs
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This is a toy soldier set I've made up for those of you looking for a good World War I starter set.  This is a five army set with 116 soldiers total packed into a reuseable clear plastic 1 gallon container (in photo the label says 120 pcs, but there are actually 116 ).  The container has a wide mouth with a plastic snap-close lid, so it's easy to empty (and also easy to fill back up).  The set includes (all made by Armies in Plastic): 16 U.S. Doughboys in brown color, 20 British in steel helmets in brown color , 10 French in Adrian helmets in blue color, 10 French Foreign Legion in blue color, 20 Russians in green color, 20 Germans in Stahhlhelm helmets (like WWII style) in blue-grey color, and 20 Germans in Pickelhaube (spiked) helmets in green color (photo shows grey, but they will be green).  This is a great set to stage any battle of World War I, eastern or western front.  While my son, who has many thousands of toy soldiers, would call this a small set, you won't think so when they're spread out all over the floor!  Add a couple rows of barbed wire from my store and your kids will go nuts.  I also have all of these soldiers, as well as many, many other types, available for sale in small individual lots.

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WWI Starter Set plastic toy soldier playset 116 pcs

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